Old to New...

The journey of old gold to new gold jewelry that be reborn again into the world and will pass down for generations.

Grandma had a lot of old jewelry in her bank locker that nor she or anyone else in the family was wearing. It was a combination on bangles, rings, earrings and pendants that were getting no use. She tried over and over again to have her daughter wear it or even her grand daughter, but alas, no one was interested.

She finally decided to take it to Nina Jeweler and they were able to give her a melt value for it all and with that she bought 3 gorgeous, matching 22kt gold and rhodium, diamond cut chains. One for herself, one for her daughter and one for her grand daughter. She loved the idea of all three of them having cross generational pieces that they would all wear and love for a long time.

Made all that gold sitting in the bank year after year finally feel like it was being put to great use. 

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